What We Do?

With on-going rise in waste of new plastics into the
economy, we step forward to help stop single-use plastics
by processing these used plastics into reusable plastics
again in the form of pellets/flakes to be sold to plastic
product manufacturers as recycled plastics.

We buy plastics,
sell us your scrap

We are also actively looking to purchase plastic scraps to
ensure no used plastics are left unrecycled and end up in a
waste land fill. We seek to give used plastic a second life.
For more details, kindly contact us.

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Why us?

By choosing us, you will also be able to fulfil your social responsibility by being a part of our
circular economy and also contribute to the world’s long-term goal of Net Zero Carbon by 2050.
This is in line with our initiative to achieve green business sustainability and fulfil the world’s
environmental agenda.